Potions and Poisons Nail Polish

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Potions & Poisons Holographic Nail Polish - 15 mL / 0.5 Fl. Oz. Bottle

Potions & Poisons holographic nail polish is an incredibly eye-catching intense hot pink-fuchsia holo packed polish featuring a gorgeous combination of ruby red holographic micro-flakies, hot pink-fuchsia holo micro-glitter and a hint of linear holographic effects in a clear base.

Apply 1 coat, sponge or dab over any complimenting Magic Mood or base colour as a topper or apply 2-3 coats on it's own for maximum intensity and full opacity! 

For best results apply in thin coats and allow to dry 2-3 minutes between each coat.  

Photos courtesy of @SassyPaints2012 & SuperChic Lacquer. 

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