Mermaid Tail Nail Brush Trio


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This three piece mermaid tail brush set is the perfect combination of adorable and functional. 

Product Specifications:
- 7mm liner brush
- 9mm liner brush
- 11mm liner brush

These brushes are perfect for freehand painting. The smaller brush is great for fine detailed creations and the longer brush is ideal for drawing crisp lines. 

Bristles are synthetic (no animal fur! ❤)

Product Care: 

- Clean your brushes between colours while you are creating your nail art. This prevents too much polish building up in the bristles.

- Fully clean your brushes as soon as possible after using them. Try not to let polish dry on the brush.

- Use a nail polish thinner to clean polish off of the bristles - NOT acetone. Acetone can break down the adhesive that holds the bristles.

- Gently wipe the brush on a clean piece of kitchen paper to remove the polish residue. Repeat until the brush is clean.

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